Seton Hall Doctoral and Master's Theses

Doctoral Dissertations Listed by Faculty Mentor's Name

A copy of each dissertation since 1990 is available for circulation in the University Library Collection. The call number is provided below. The full-text for many dissertations completed since 1997 is available online in PDF format.

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Achiles, Dr. Charles Dino, Jeffrey A Study in Police Preparedness to Respond to Active Shooter Situations To Provide A Safer Learning Environment in the Schools of Bergen County, New Jersey e-Full-Text Ed.D. 2009 LB2864.5 .D46 2009
Achilles EdD, Charles M Huss, Christopher D The Influence of Small Class Size, Duration, Intensity, and Heterogeneity on Head Start Fade e-Full-Text Ed.D. 2010 LC4091.H87 2010
Achilles Ed.D, Charles M. James-Shuler, Janet The Influence of a Star-W Technology Grant on Mean Scale Score Differences Measuring Student Achievement in Language Arts Literacy Among Elementary Students in New Jersey e-Full-Text Ph.D. 2008 LB1028.5 .J34 2008
Achilles, Charles M., Ed. D. Ike, Robert R. The Impact Of Direct Reading Instruction For Middle School Students At Newfield Middle School, Newfield, New York e-Full-Text Ed.D. 2004 LB1632 .I64 2004
Achilles, Charles M., Ed.D. Plano, Gary S. Theeffects Of The Cognitive Tutor Algebra On Student Attitudes And Achievement In A 9Th Grade Algebra Course e-Full-Text Ed.D. 2004 QA159 .P63 2004
Achilles, Charles M. Moccia, Josephine P. The Influence of Multi-Sensory, Multi-Component Reading Intervention Strategies with Middle School Poor Readers e-Full-Text Ed.D. 2005 LB1632 .M63 2005
Achilles, Charles M. Pitts, Michele L. The Influence of a Transition on At-Risk Freshmen in a New Jersey Public Suburban High School e-Full-Text Ed.D. 2005 LC4091 .P56 2005
Achilles, Charles M. Young, Robin An Assessment Of Student Reading Improvement Comparing Two Instructional Delivery Models: Reading Recovery (Rr) And Promoting Early Success (Pers) e-Full-Text Ed.D. 2003 QD382 .I43 F5 2027
Achilles, Charles M Casey, Bernadette L The Influence of an Interactive Reading Program on Adolescent Students in Middle School e-Full-Text Ed.D. 2010 LB1632 .C36 2010
Achilles, Charles M Douglass, James A An Evaluation of the Influence of a Ninth Grade Small Learning Community (SLC) on Student Schooling Outcomes in a Large High School Ed.D. 2008 LB1026 .D69 2008
Achilles, Charles, Ed.D. Fiasconaro, James V. School Violence Prevention Programs and Changes in Violence Incidents in New Jersey (2002-2005) e-Full-Text Ed.D. 2006 LB3013.3 .F53 2006
Achilles, Charles, Ph.D. Frey, Patricia Ability Of The Urban Teacher Selection Interviw To Identify Teachers Who Are Likely To Be Retained In The Buffalo Public Schools e-Full-Text Ph.D. 2003 QD382 .I43 F5 2005
Achilles, Charles Burton, Christine How Small School Districts Can Organize to Afford Their Small Schools e-Full-Text Ed.D. 2005 LB3012.5 .B97 2005
Achilles, Charles Buten, Nicole A The Effect of Kindergarten Entry Age On Academic Achievement e-Full-Text Ed.D. 2010 LB1167 .B98 2010
Achilles, Charles Duncanson, Edward The Imapct Of Classroom Organization In Grade 4 On Student Achievement In Science e-Full-Text Ed.D. 2003 LB1587.U8 D8 2003
Achilles, Charles Flocco, David C. School Schedules And How They Impact Student Perceptions Of Stress e-Full-Text Ed.D. 2004 LB1073 .F48 2004
Achilles, Charles Karpowich, James M The Influence of Student Engagement and Organizational Structures on Athletic Participation and Acadmic Achievement in the Department of Athletics (DOA). A Case Study e-Full-Text Ed.D. 2009 LC2581.5.N5 K37 2009
Achilles, Charles Mailot, Estee A Study Of Principals' Leadership Behaviors And Practices In New Jersey Charter Schools e-Full-Text Ed.D. 2005 LB2806.36 .M37 2005
Achilles, Charles Mathern, Mark S The Relationship of Electronic-Grade Book Access to Student Achievement, Student Attendance, and Parent-Teacher Communication e-Full-Text Ed.D. 2009 LC226.6 .M38 2009
Achilles, Charles Sorrells, Rick Relationship Between Student Achievement and Use of Power Videos Digital Educational Videos e-Full-Text Ed.D. 2009 LB1043.5 .S67 2009
Achilles, C.M. Freda, Linda A. Classroom Structures, Instructional Methodologies, and Education benefits of Full- Day versus Half-Day Kindergarten e-Full-Text Ed.D. 2005 LB1167 .F64 2005
Achilles, C.M Hill, Andrew J Ohio Educational Choice Scholarship Pilot Program: A Comprehensive Policy Analysis e-Full-Text Ed.D. 2009 LB2848 .H54 2009
Achilles, Dr. Charles Brady, Faye A The Influence of Inclusion on Langauge Arts Literacy and Math Achievement on Non-disabled Middle School Students e-Full-Text Ed.D. 2010 LC1201.B73 2010
Achilles, Dr. Charles Campbell, Walter I The Influence of the Implementation of Small Learning Communities on Student Test Outcomes and School Attendance in an Urban School DIstrict e-Full-Text Ed.D. 2009 LB1060 .C34 2009
Achilles, Dr. Charles Coyle, Bernadette D A Study Assessing the Influence of Compute Simulation Video Games on Student Motivation and Learning When They are used as Part of Social Studies Pedagogy e-Full-Text Ed.D. 2008 LB1029.S53 C69 2008
Achilles, Dr. Charles Egan, Deborah A Dominican High Schools: Personal, Professional, and Institutional Transitions and Fidelity to the Dominican Charism e-Full-Text Ed.D. 2009 LC501 .E52 2009
Achilles, Dr. Charles Ward, Nacy B The Influence of a Metacongitive Learning System on the Writing Achievement of Elementary School Students Ed.D. 2009 LB1060 .W37 2009
Achilles, Dr.Charles Mascia-Reed, Carolyn ASL, Total Communication and Oralism: Identifying Shared Characteristics of School-Based Writing Intervention Programs for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students, K-6 e-Full-Text Ed.D. 2009 LC3982.N5 R43 2009
Achilles, Dr.Charles Parlapanides, Triantafillos Effects of a Technology Treatment on Student Scores on the Standardized Grade 8 Proficiency Assessment (GEPA) in New Jersey e-Full-Text Ed.D. 2009 LB1028.5 .P37 2008
Achilles,Charles M Filbert,Teresa Helm Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills in Reading First Schools and the Maryland School Assessment e-Full-Text Ed.D. 2007 LC152.M3 F54 2007
Achilles,Charles Geyer,Veronica Digging Through the Garden State's Digital Divide: A Descriptive Retrospective Study of DIfferences in Educational Technology Resources in New Jersey Public Elementary Schools According to Socioeconomic Status Percentage of Minority Students,Abbott District Designation, and Charter School Designation e-Full-Text Ed.D. 2007 LB1028.3. G49 2006
Achilles,Dr. Charles Hreha,Denise M The Influence of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) on Student Test Performance e-Full-Text Ed.D. 2007 TD883.1 .H64 2007
Achilles,Dr. Charles Miller,Tawana D A Comparison of Two Reading Programs on Third Grade Reading Achievement e-Full-Text Ed.D. 2008
Achilles,Dr.Charles Oates-Santos,Lorna J An Analysis of the Influence of Writing Workshop Intructional Methodology on Male Student Achievement In a Middle School Language Arts Department e-Full-Text Ed.D. 2008 LB1631 .O28 2008
Achille, Dr. Charles Guarneri, Cristina M Examing the Need for a Code of Conduct in New Jersey Teacher Union Contracts e-Full-Text Ed.D. 2009 LB2844.52 .G82 2009
Achillies, Charles M. Tienken, Christopher H. The Effect Of Staff Development In The Use Of Scoring Rubrics And Reflective Questioning Sgtratigies On Fourth-Grade Students' Narrative Writing Performance e-Full-Text Ed.D. 2003 LB1139.W7 .T5 2003
Augustine, Robert L. Doyle, Lisa K. OXIDATION OF 2-PROPANOL OVER PLATINUM CATALYSTS Ph.D. 1992 QD281.O9 D6 1992
Augustine, Robert L. Malhotra, Sanjay V. THE USE OF HETEROGENEOUS CATALYSTS FOR ALLYLIC ALKYLATION Ph.D. 1995 QD281.A5 M32 1995
Augustine, Robert L. Roberto, Steven Albert The Design And Applications Of An Electronically Modified Heterogeneous Catalytic System (Heck Arylation) e-Full-Text (on-campus only) Ph.D. 1996 QD505 .R63 1996
Beck, Elizabeth Rush, Pauline Rose The Relationship of Verbal Conceptualization to Social Competency in a Learning-Disabled Early Adolescent Population (Gender Differences) Ph.D. 1990 Not yet available
Beitin PhD, Ben Duckett, Robin Black Adolescent Mothers and their Families: A Phenomenological Study of Resilience e-Full-Text Ph.D. 2009 HQ759.4 .D82 2009
Beitin PhD, Ben Fackina,Pamela J Exploration of Perceived Stressors Coping and Communication in Law-Enforcement Couples e-Full-Text Ph.D. 2008 HV7921 .F32 2008
Beitin, Dr. Ben Walker, Erin K Risk and Protective Factors in Mothers With A History of Incarcoration: Do Realtionships Buffer The Effects of Trauma Symptoms and Substance Abuse History e-Full-Text Ph.D. 2009 RC451.4 .P68 W34 2009
Beutell, Nicholas J. Kessler, Esther Correlation of Marital Satisfaction and Depression among Couples Where One Spouse Has Become Involuntarily Unemployed Ph.D. 1997 HQ728 .K43 1995 copy 2
Beutell, Nicholas J. Robinson, Marygrace McAuley An Investigation of Orientation toward Marriage as an Explanation for Gender Differences in One Predictor of Marital Adjustment Ph.D. 1995 HQ536 .R62 1994 copy 2
Beutell, Nicholas J. Welsh, Ida Malvine Job Insecurity, a Chronic Psychological Threat: Antecedents and Consequences (Downsizing, Work Stress) Ph.D. 1995 HD5708.4 .W46 1995 copy 2
Blum, Craig Miele, John Thomas The Relationship between Ego Functioning and Vocational Rehabilitation in Persons with Psychiatric Disabilities Ph.D. 1996 RC473.E36 M52 1996 copy 2
Branch, Joyce Baskerville, Ruth La Verne Factors in the Representation of Black Secondary Students in Academic and Social Life in a Suburban School District (Academic Life, Black Students) Ed.D. 1993 LC2779 .B3 1993 copy 2
Branch, Joyce Durand, Edna M. An Investigation of School Climate and Characteristics of Students Attending Selected New Jersey Secondary Alternative Education Programs (Effective Schools) Ed.D. 1991 LC146.5 .D87 1991
Branch, Joyce Kar, Adam Lewee Demographic Characteristics of International Students in New Jersey Community Colleges and Their Institutions' Support and Commitment (Foreign Students) Ed.D. 1993 LB2377.6.N5 K3 1993 copy
Buckner, Janine Chu, Felicia W Women and Math Performance: The Effects of Stereotype Threat, Math Identiy, and Gender Identity e-Full-Text M.S. 2010 BF.C58 2010
Burton, Gregory McGowan, John Patrick The Effects Of Disability Simulations On Attitudes Toward Persons With Disabilities e-Full-Text Ph.D. 1999 BF327.M2 1999
Cabell, Lee Phillips, Howard James Kinematic and Kinetic Differences of the Trunk, Pelvis, and Lower Extremities in Women With and Without Patellofemoral Pain When Descending Stairs e-Full-Text Ph.D. 2006 QA 841 .P55 2006
Cahil, Dr. Terrance Ekwonye, Angela P Adolescent Depression and Social Support, Religiosity and Spirituality in a Faith-Based High School e-Full-Text Ph.D. 2011
Callan, John H. Ciccone, Joseph Charles The Relationship between a High School Principal's Locus-of-Control and the Academic Achievement of Students Ed.D. 1992 LB2831.9 .C5 1992
Callan, John H. Greco, Daniel Anthony Emotionally Disturbed Students and Their Perceptions of the Ideal Teacher (Teacher Behaviors) Ed.D. 1993 LC4169 .G7 1993 copy 2
Callan, John H. Henderson, Ruth N. Views of Union County College Students by Subject Areas and Demographic Characteristics of the Effectiveness of Teaching Methods (College Students, Teacher Effectiveness, New Jersey) Ed.D. 1993 LD3780.U6 H4 1993 copy 2
Callan, John H. Johnson, Alfred Dalton Tenure for the Superintendency in New Jersey: Abrogation of this Unique Practice under the Kalik Bill (A-1131) and the Challenge of Fostering both Accountability and Attracting Resourceful Executive Educators Ed.D. 1992 LB2831.724.N42 J64 1992
Callan, John H. Kleinman, Leona S. A Descriptive Study of Gerontological Nurse Practitioners in the United States: Collegial Relationships, Task and Performance of Task, and Satisfaction (Nurse) Ed.D. 1990 RT82.8 .K56 1990
Callan, John H. McCarthy, Paul Joseph The Relationship between Organizational Characteristics and Job Satisfaction of Guidance Counselors in Selected Urban and Suburban High Schools in New Jersey Ed.D. 1989 LB2822 .M32 1989
Callan, John H. Roberts III, Leonard The strategic planning of an institutional culture: a case study of a college Ed.D. 1992 LB45 .R62 1992
Callan, John H. Shore, Muriel Thomas Identification of Factors which would Attract Inactive Registered Nurses back into the Hospital Setting (Nurses, Recruitment) Ed.D. 1990 RT86.73 .S56 1990
Callan, John H. Smith, Bashiel Henrique An Assessment of Hunter's Model on Teacher Evaluations of the Model, Supervisor Ratings, Instructional Strategies, and Student Achievement Ed.D. 1993 LB2838 .S53 1993 copy 2
Callan, John H. Strigari, Donna Anne A Qualitative Study of the Perceptions of Corporate and Union Members Participating in Internal Training Programs (Corporate Members, Worker Training) Ed.D. 1993 HF5549.5.T7 S7 1993 copy
Caulfield, James George, III, William O. Comparison Of Parental Involvement In Charter And Traditional Public Schools e-Full-Text Ed.D. 2000 LB2806.36.G4 2000
Caulfield, James Hresko, Aileen Patricia A Descriptive Study Of Cohort Programs In Educational Administrative Preparation Programs e-Full-Text Ed.S. 1998 LB2372.E3 H72 1998
Caulfield, James Krenicki, Christine The Relationship Of Mobility To Student Achievement For Those Eighth Grade Regular Students Who Are Required To Take The New Jersey Early Warning Test (Ewt) e-Full-Text Ed.D. 1999 LB3060.33.N5 K7 1999
Caulfield, James Osborne, Marian Factors that Influence Program Developers' Ability to Successfully Implement Inclusion Practices: A Study of Problems and Solutions Ed.D. 1999 LC1201.O73 1999
Chang PhD, Sulie Staikos-Byrne, Linda Immuno-Opioid Interaction: A Potential Connection e-Full-Text Ed.D. 2008 QR185.8.C95 S73 2008
Clark, Mary Ann Stiskal-Galisewski, Doreen M. Comparison Of The Walking Performance At Two Different Speeds In Adolescents With And Without Juvenile Arthritis Using A Dual-Task Method e-Full-Text Ph.D. 2003 RC933 .S7 2003
Cobarrubias, Dr. Juan Arce Vargas, Gloria P Instructionally Succsessful Practices in K-3 Bilingual Classrooms e-Full-Text Ed.D. 2008 PE1128.A2 V37 2008
Cobarrubias, Dr. Juan Fontenez, Andrea S Parents and Schools In A New Diaspora e-Full-Text Ed.D. 2008 LC2669 .F65 2008
Cobarrubias, Juan G. Chaker, Louise Langlois A Comparative Study Of The Language Assessment Battery, The Woodcock-Munoz Language Survey And The Portfolio Assessment Results Of Language Learners e-Full-Text Ed.D. 1999 P53.4.C5 1999
Cobarrubias, Juan G. Cordero Ed.D. Loidis R. Relationships between Teacher Perceptions of Effective School Characteristics and Academic Achievement of Limited English Proficient Students in New York City Ed.D. 1996 LC3719 .C63 1996 copy 2
Cobarrubias, Juan G. Garcia Irizar, Eugenia Parental Participation Among Recent Minority Immigrants In An Urban Public School e-Full-Text Ed.D. 2002 LC3746 .G3 2002
Cobarrubias, Juan G. Nevarez-Lutzke, Nancy The Imapct Of A Dual Language Program On School Climate In A Large Urban District e-Full-Text Ed.D. 2002 LC3719 .N48 2002
Cobarrubias, Juan G. Sabatini, Bruce The Impact of Cuban Students on Bilingual Education in New Jersey Ed.D. 1996 LC3746.5.N5 S3 1996 copy
Cobarrubias, Juan G. Torres, Judith A Study Of The Effectiveness Of A Consolidated Bilingual Program In A Large Urban District e-Full-Text Ph.D. 2003 LC3731 .T6 2003
Cobarrubias, Juan Medina, Damian School Principals as Leaders in a New Role e-Full-Text Ed.D. 2008 LB2831.9 .M43 2008
Cobarrubias, Juan Rodriguez, Dulce Contributing Elements to the Success of a Hispanic Community in Central New Jersey e-Full-Text Ed.D. 2007 HT177 .G37 R63 2007
Cobarrubias, Juan Santiago, Martha Community And School Violence: An Ethnographic Study e-Full-Text Ed.D. 2004 LB3013.3 .S38 2004
Cobarrubias, Juan Santos, Mario The Personal Experiences of Language Teachers Using Computers as an Instructional Tool e-Full-Text Ed.D. 2005 P53.285 .S35 2005
Cobarrubias,Juan Justino-Gomez,WilliamC. A Study of the Impact of Mayoral Control and School Reform Legislation Upon New York City Leaders and School Administrators e-Full-Text Ed.D. 2007 LC5133. N4 J87 2007
Colella PhD, Anthony J. O'Halloran, Patrick Important Factors for Consideration When Litigatig Special Education Due Process Hearing e-Full-Text Ed.D. 2008 LC3982.N55 O33 2008
Colella PhD, Anthony J Connolly,Mark A A Qualitative Analysis of the Integration of Technology at the School District Level in Terms of the Technology Leadership, Management , and Policy Pyramid: A Theoretical Model Developed by Dr. John Collins, Through the Perceptions of Technology-Using Teachers e-Full-Text Ed.D. 2008 LB1028.3 .C655 2008
Colella PhD, Anthony J Simone Jr, Daniel The Influence of Supervisor's Leadership Styles on Subordinate Police Officer's Productivity In An Urban New Jersey Police Department Ed.D. 2008 HV7936.S8 S54 2008
Colella PhD, Anthony Oberkehr, Fredrik M Differeniated Instuction: Perceptions of Middle School Principals Across Middlesex County, New Jersey e-Full-Text Ed.D. 2008 LB1031 .024 2008
Colella PhD,Anthony Carr,Heather Administrator and Teacher Perceptions of the Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Courses in Urban/Surburban New Jersey Public High Schools e-Full-Text Ed.D. 2007 LC5806.N6.C38 2007
Colella Ph.D, Anthony J. Devine, Joseph Aloysius An Analysis of the West Point Leadership and Command Programs Impact Upon Law Enforcement Leadership e-Full-Text Ed.D. 2007 HV7923. .D47 2007
Colella Ph.D.,Anthony J. Saxton Jr., Joseph J. New Principals and Initial Trust Formation Engenderment e-Full-Text Ed.D. 2006 LB2831.962 .S29 2006
Colella, Anthony J., Ph.D. Kuzma, Deborah J. The Characteristics Of Effective Middle School Principals As Perceived By Middle School Teachers And The Principals For Whom They Work e-Full-Text Ed.D. 2004 LB2831.924.N5 K89 2004
Colella, Anthony J. Alexander, Deborah S. Internal Evaluation: Implementation In Two State-Operated School Districts In New Jersey Ed.D. 1995 LB2817.4.N5 A43 1995 copy
Colella, Anthony J. Anderson, Jeffrey Ernest The Relationship between Perceived Principal Leadership Style and the Degree and Depth of Implementation of Cooperative Learning (Leadership Style, School Climate) Ed.D. 1993 LB2831.9 .A5 1992 copy 2
Colella, Anthony J. Barbary, Anthony G. A Study Of New Jersey Public School Teachers' Attitudes And Perceptions Of Leadership Skills Associated With The Principalship e-Full-Text Ed.D. 1999 LB2831.924.N5 B32 1999
Colella, Anthony J. Brightman, Heath Jordan The Four C's of Education: Ä Study of the Relationships between New Jersey's Children, Curricula, Computers, and Consumptive-Criminality Ed.D. 2000 HV9067.S9 B7 2000
Colella, Anthony J. Burke, Joan Marilyn An Investigation Of Trends In K-12 Mathematics Curriculum Development Process As Perceived By Chief Administrators In New Jersey Public Schools (National Council Of Teachers Of Mathematics, Twelfth-Grade, Kindergarten) e-Full-Text (on-campus only) Ed.D. 1997 QA13.5.N5 B84 1997 copy 2
Colella, Anthony J. Chinni, Brian An Investigation Of The Relationship Between The Use Of Alternative Approaches To Performance Assessment And Student Achievement In Middle School Mathematics (Teachers, Students) e-Full-Text (on-campus only) Ed.D. 1996 QA11 .C432 1996 copy 2
Colella, Anthony J. Chirichello, Michael P. A Study Of The Preferred Leadership Styles Of Principals And The Organizational Climates In Successful Public Elementary Schools In New Jersey (Public Schools) e-Full-Text (on-campus only) Ed.D. 1997 LB2831.924.N5 C42 1997 co
Colella, Anthony J. Cipolla, Robert The Effects of Educational Level on Job Satisfaction in the New Jersey State Police (Law Enforcement) Ed.D. 1996 HV7571.N5 C53 1996 copy 2
Colella, Anthony J. Collins, Paula Louise Females Of Color Who Have Served As Superintendent: Their Journeys To The Superintendency And Perceptions Of The Office e-Full-Text Ed.D. 2002 LB2831.62 .C65 2002
Colella, Anthony J. Connell, Denis Edward Proactive Police Supervisory Curriculum and Police Supervisory Development Ed.D. 2000 HV8412.C6 2000
Colella, Anthony J. Cosgrove, Richard J. A Study of New Jersey State Police Physical Qualification Test and It's Relationship to Leadership, Organizational Decision Making, and Policy Implementation e-Full-Text Ph.D. 2006 HV7988.N4 C78 2006
Colella, Anthony J. Crescione, Linda A Study Of Efficacy Beliefs For Urban And Suburban School Teachers Trained In A Brain-Based Model Of Instruction e-Full-Text Ed.D. 1999 LC4625.C7 1999
Colella, Anthony J. Cresci, Alfred E. An Efficiency study and Ä Proposal for the Use of Technology in Catholic School Administration of the Archdiocese of New York Diocese of Brooklyn Ed.D. 2000 LB2806.17.C7 2000
Colella, Anthony J. Daly, Joseph Richard An Analysis of Student Perceptions of Teacher Effectiveness in Hanover Park High School and Implications for Administrative Evaluation Procedures and Policies (New Jersey) Ed.D. 1990 LB2838 .D3 1990
Colella, Anthony J. Davenport, Angela M. Home Schooling: A Descriptive Study Of Educational Practice And Climate In Selected Settings e-Full-Text Ed.D. 2001 LC40.D38 2001
Colella, Anthony J. Demartino, Angela Secondary Inclusion: A Study of Congruence of Perceptions of Students, Parents, and Teachers in Morris County (New Jersey, Disabled) Ed.D. 1996 LC4019 .D32 1995 copy 2
Colella, Anthony J. Duffy, Brian A. Modified Kindergarten: Does It Have an Effect upon Achievement Results? (Scheduling) Ed.D. 1996 LB1167 .D84 1996 copy 2
Colella, Anthony J. Dunshee, Suzanne W. Criteria Formulating School Choice Decisions For A Middle School Parent Population e-Full-Text Ed.D. 2000 LB1027.9.D8 2000
Colella, Anthony J. Fair, Richard W. A Study Of New Jersey Public School Superintendents' Perceptions Regarding The Behavioral Characteristics Of Effective Elementary School Principals e-Full-Text Ed.D. 2001 LB2822.5.F35 2001
Colella, Anthony J. Falco, John The Impact Of Increased Time Allocated For Connected Reading Activities On Reading Growth For Poor Second Grade Readers e-Full-Text Ed.D. 2001 LB1050.45.F36 2001
Colella, Anthony J. Ferrigno Hazel, Nicole A Comparative Study of Career Academy Involvement and Non-Career Academy Involvement and Their Relationship to Student Achievement and Student Attendance in a Specific High School in New Jersey e-Full-Text Ed.D. 2005 LC1037.5 .H39 2005
Colella, Anthony J. Gere, Edward G. Perceptions Of Pastors In A Selected Diocese Regarding Co-Sponsorship, Values And Effectiveness Of Catholic Schools e-Full-Text Ed.D. 1998 LC473.G42 1998
Colella, Anthony J. Golden, Enid A Study Of The Relationship Between Superintendents' Perceived Leadership Practices And Socioeconomic Status Of School Districts In New Jersey e-Full-Text Ed.D. 1999 LB2831.924.N4 E52 1999
Colella, Anthony J. Graber, Jeffrey The Scope of Collective Negotiations: An Analysis of the Attitudes of Public School Teacher Board of Education Members and Non-Teacher Board of Education Members in Selected New Jersey School Dictricts Ed.D. 1990 LB2842.2 .G65 1989
Colella, Anthony J. Hadzima, Barbara Lorfink Prejudice Elimination: An Analysis Of The Effectiveness Of The New Jersey State Mandate To Teach The Holocaust And Genocide e-Full-Text Ed.D. 1999 BF723.P75 H3 1999
Colella, Anthony J. Heinrich III, Kenneth W. Higher Education in Law Enforcement and Perceptions of Career Advancement Ed.D. 2000 HV8143.H45 2000
Colella, Anthony J. Hunter-Mazzella, Susan The Willow Tree Teen Institute: An Evaluative Study Of A Resiliency-Based Substance Abuse Prevention Program For Middle School Students e-Full-Text Ed.D. 2003 HV5801 .H8 2003
Colella, Anthony J. Inzano, Frank J. The Attitudes Of Public Elementary School Principals Toward Inclusive Education And Educational Strategies Related To Its Practice e-Full-Text Ed.D. 1999 LC1201.I5 1999
Colella, Anthony J. Jensen, Joan G. Perceptions of Students and Teachers of Middle School Climate and Student Self-Esteem in Small Communities of Learning Ed.D. 1994 LB1623 .J4 1993 copy 2
Colella, Anthony J. Joyce, Kathleen M. Qualitative Assessment Of A Culture Within A Small School Environment e-Full-Text Ed.D. 2002 LB1620 .J8 2002
Colella, Anthony J. Kadela, Theodore Technology Leadership Of Elementary Principals: Standards, Competencies, And Integration e-Full-Text Ed.D. 2002 LB1028.3 .K34 2002
Colella, Anthony J. Kontogiannis, Theodora P. The Evolution Of Understanding Grief And Bereavement e-Full-Text (on-campus only) Ed.D. 2000 BF575.G7 K66 2000
Colella, Anthony J. Krimmert Ed.D. Lynn Tackaberry Specific Behaviors of Learning Consultants in Selected New Jersey Secondary School Districts and Their Relationships to the Implementation of Collaborative Consultation Ed.D. 1995 LB1027.5 .K75 1994 copy 2
Colella, Anthony J. Lanzo, Anthony V. An Assessment Of The Level Of Job Satisfaction Of Middle School Teachers From Selected Affluent Suburban Public Districts In Essex County, New Jersey e-Full-Text Ed.D. 2003 QD382 .I43 F5 2014
Colella, Anthony J. Lin, Helen Chou A Study Of Principal's Leadership Style And School Effectiveness In Selected Public Secondary Schools In New Jersey e-Full-Text Ed.D. 1999 LB2831.924.N5 L5 1999
Colella, Anthony J. Lynskey, Edward J. Higher Education And Early Retirement In The New Jersey State Police e-Full-Text Ed.D. 2001 HV7571.N5.L96 2001
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Colella, Anthony J. Malanowski, Richard J. A Study Of Job Satisfaction Among Urban Superintendents In New Jersey e-Full-Text Ed.D. 1999 LB2831.624.N4 M35 1999
Colella, Anthony J. Maricle, Sharon L Attitudes Of New Jersey Public Secondary School Principals Toward Inclusive Education And Educational Strategies Related To Its Practice e-Full-Text Ed.D. 2001 LC1201.M37 2001
Colella, Anthony J. Matarazzo, Thomas Block Scheduling: A Comparison Of Block Scheduling And Traditional Scheduling And Its Relationship To Student Achievement, Student Satisfaction And Teacher Methodology In A Junior-Senior High School In New Jersey e-Full-Text Ed.D. 1999 LB3032.2.M32 1999
Colella, Anthony J. May, Kenneth P. An Investigation into the Role of the Privatization of Non-instructional Services Provided by New Jersey Public School Districts Ed.D. 1998 LB2806.38.M35 1998
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Colella, Anthony J. McGrath, Marilyn A Study of Stress as Perceived by Principals of Four-Year Public High Schools in New Jersey Ed.D. 1996 LB2831.924.N5 M33 1996 co
Colella, Anthony J. Miceli, David M. The Analysis And Synthesis Of Litigating A Free Appropriate Public Education (Fape) As It Relates To Students Who Are Classified As Autistic: An Investigation Of New Jersey Administrative Law Decisions e-Full-Text Ed.D. 2003 LC4717.5 .M5 2003
Colella, Anthony J. Mickens, Sandra Denise A Comparison Of Suburban And Urban Honor Student's Attitudes And Perceptions About The Effectiveness Of Advanced Placement Program e-Full-Text Ed.D. 1999 LB2353.62.M52 1999
Colella, Anthony J. Moran, Judith Ann The Role of Staff Development in the Implementation of Site-based Management in New Jersey Schools Ed.D. 1994 LB2806.35 .M6 1994 copy 2
Colella, Anthony J. Mutch, Dorothy Anne The Academic Kindergarten: Perceptions of New Jersey Principals, Teachers and Parents (Kindergarten) Ed.D. 1990 LB1167 .M8 1990
Colella, Anthony J. North, Melanie Littell Perceptions Of Elementary School Teachers Regarding Preparedness And Inclusionary Practices Of Classified Students In Public Elementary Schools e-Full-Text Ed.D. 2003 LC4704.73 .N6 2003
Colella, Anthony J. Pendleton, Herbert F. The Effect Of A College/University Education On Police Recruit Performance At The Bergen County Police Academy, Mahwah, New Jersey e-Full-Text Ed.D. 2001 HV7923.P56 2001
Colella, Anthony J. Pfeiffer, Eugenia M. An Investigation Of Understanding Death Education e-Full-Text Ph.D. 2003 QD382 .I43 F5 2020
Colella, Anthony J. Pfennig, Dwight Richard A Study of the Relationship between Administrative Computing and Instructional Leadership (Computers) Ed.D. 1994 LB1028.46 .P32 1994 copy
Colella, Anthony J. Pisano, Florence S. The Perception Of Religion Teachers Regarding The Effect Of Religious Education Curriculum On The Self-Esteem Of Adolescent Girls e-Full-Text Ed.D. 2002 LC473 .P57 2002
Colella, Anthony J. Pratt, Randy New Jersey State Department of Education Monitoring, Intervention, and Takeover Practices in the Newark, Trenton, and Jersey City Public School Districts (State Intervention, Educational Monitoring) Ed.D. 1993 LB2806.22 .P7 1992 copy 2
Colella, Anthony J. Prystash, Kathleen Mary Henderson The Effects Of Peer Coaching Model Of Evaluation e-Full-Text Ed.D. 2003 LB1776.2 .P7 2003
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